Gosling's Flora Gold Rum 3/15



To launch Goslings Flora Gold we are auctioning the first 15 bottles produced. What makes
them so special? Each bottle has been hand dipped in black sealing wax, signed and numbered
by Flora Duffy herself. 15 was Flora’s “golden” number in Tokyo. The morning of the 25th , Flora
was the last female to leave the athlete lounge on the way to the compulsory, “Briefing and
Pontoon Draw for the Women”. As she was rushing to get there in time, three Norwegian men
started to tease her for being late. One of whom, Christian Blummenfelt, looked at her, smiled
and said, “Flora, pick 15, it is the shortest line, it’s the pontoon spot I selected!” Flora took
Christian’s advice and chose the fifteenth pontoon spot as well. The next day Christian won the
gold medal for men and as we all know, Flora won the gold on Tuesday. Christian and Flora
couldn’t believe it and joked about it after.
“So 15, pick number 15!”- Flora Duffy
All proceeds raised by the auction will be donated in full to The Flora Fund (Bermuda charity

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