Mertes Liebfraumilch 2018 (Germany)



Peter Mertes White Wines - The concept Liebfraumilch - also Liebfrauenmilch - comes originally from the designation of the wines, which were cultivated in the middle age on the slopes in the shadow of the Wormser Lieberkirche. In 1786 a Peter Joseph Valckenberg acquired a large part of the local vineyards and helped the Liebfrauenmilch to its great notoriety. The German wine service prescribes that only certain grape varieties are permitted for the pressing of the Liebfrauenmilch wines. For example, minimum proportions of 70% Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus, Silvaner or Kerner are prescribed. The well-known Liebfrauenmilch from the Peter Mertes tradition wine line is a flowery-fruity quality wine, which is also very popular - well beyond the German borders. The lovely white wine inspires with its harmoniously balanced and fruity-sweet taste

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