Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Rose Limited Edition 2021

Size: Case 6 Bottles


Minuty invites you to savor the essence of the French Riviera with its third M de Minuty Limited Edition bottle. This year’s iconic M de Minuty “Bouteille Provencale” breathes new life through the vibrant designs of Barcelona based visual artists Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada. Illustrating the world of Minuty through the Mediterranean sea, sun and soil, this eye-catching bottle invites you to picture yourself on the beach enjoying all the pleasures of summer.

As a way to honor its international presence, Minuty partners with different global artists each year to capture the essence of the vintage and to celebrate the St. Tropez lifestyle on the M de Minuty bottle. After collaborating in 2018 with American artist Ashley Mary and in 2019 with English artist Ruby Taylor, in 2020 Minuty has partnered with Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada, two visual artists based in Barcelona. Zosen grew up in Buenos Aires and Mina in Tokyo – and together they create art through a global lens. Their passion for street art, bright colors and free forms led them to collaborate on murals in various formats, including outdoor walls, canvas paintings, illustrations, screen prints and handmade books. Their work can be seen in several European, South American, North American and Japanese cities

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