Gaja Dagromis Barolo 2016



The vineyards used for this wine were acquired by GAJA in 1995 from a family named Gromis, hence the name, DaGromis, meaning literally, at home with the Gromis family. DaGromis is produced with Nebbiolo grapes grown in two historic vineyards, one in Serralunga adjacent to the Sperss vineyard and the other in La Morra adjacent to the Conteisa vineyard. 

The winter season was mild, with low levels of rainfall. Beginning with the end of Feb 2016, the temperatures finally dropped and remained low until the end of March. The spring was a bit rainy and mild, which resulted in good conditions for the vines. During summer, the temperature trend was steady without any potentially damaging heat spikes. The climate trend was marked by remarkable variations between days and nights during the last part of the growing season, ideal for perfect balance between the fruits acidity, sugar content and tannin structure.

2016 is among the best vintages of this century with all the potential to be a must-have for Barolo lovers.

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