SanPellegrino Arancia & Fico d'India (Orange and Prickly Pear)

Size: 6Pack


Take a trip to the southern coast of the Mediterranean where the streets are lined with cactus trees that dazzle with their elongated orbs of ruby coloured prickly pear. Sanpellegrino Arancia & Fico d’India is an authentic premium drink from Italy made from 100% natural ingredients that captures the essence of the perfect sun-ripened fruits, in a captivating blend of orange and prickly pear from the Mediterranean.

Yellow with hints of rose from real fruit juices, and bursting with the vibrant aroma of orange and prickly pear, all-natural Sanpellegrino Arancia & Fico d’India has been meticulously crafted to surprise any palate.   

This is a medium structured drink with a soft mouth feel and the light effervescence of fine bubbles that carry the sweetness of its authentic ingredients, starting with taste of sweet orange that softly continues with delicate notes of prickly pear.

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